VCLServer UltraCDN: Ultra accelerate the web pages of your server.

VCLServer Ultra.

Multiplies by 300 the useful bandwidth of your server by reducing the needs of bandwidth and disk access to 99.67%.

 Solidary Promotion: 100% of proceeds are for them.

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In a totally altruistic way and for an undetermined time, we are actively promoting solidarity.

During this campaign VCLServer UltraCDN has the biggest discount offered so far, so that anyone interested can buy it in a very economic way donating the amount of the price to the NGO of your choice. Once the donation has been made, you must send us the proof and we will update you to VCLServer UltraCDN at no additional cost.

Through this campaign VCLServer will not take any money, it is an exclusively altruistic campaign that will also serve to demonstrate that a company can be useful for more than just making money for itself. The benefit that a campaign of this type can bring to the needy can be very large, so this can be an excellent example worthy to copy by other companies dedicated exclusively to self-enrichment.

For these reasons it is requested the maximum diffusion and to share with all the possible contacts.

We will thank you very much, but other people will thank you much more.

VCLServer commits to carry out Solidarity Campaigns of at least one month of duration every year.

Contact to us if you want to add your NGO.

The user can only choose to do the donation to any NGO that is in the list of NGOs provided by VCLServer. The amounts of donations required can change at any time without prior notice. VCLServer does not maintain any relationship with the NGOs that are the target of the donations; the NGO is the one that has to issue some proof of the donation, since VCLServer does not intermediate. The images that appear may not belong to the beneficiary association being only representative. The approximate time of the update is 48 hours after confirmation of the donation. If you have more than one domain, financial difficulties, you will use VCLServer UltraCDN for an NGO or a small company, you are a student or you are in any other special situation before making the donation you can contact us if we could offer you a better price.
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