VCLServer UltraCDN: Ultra accelerate the web pages of your server.

VCLServer Ultra.

Multiplies by 300 the useful bandwidth of your server by reducing the needs of bandwidth and disk access to 99.67%.

Wellcome to VCLServer.

With VCLServer you have the power to display web pages to mass users without the costs of using a cloud or a cluster, taking advantage of your own local server and your usual Internet connection.

VCLServer optimizes the use of your Internet connection to professional levels and increases the performance of your server avoiding repeated disk accesses. VCLServer enhancements will make your pages faster for users and search engines, increasing the visibility of your page on them by getting improvements in SEO positioning.

During the tour of this manual will check the power and simplicity of use of this new software and will learn quickly and easily everything necessary to take full advantage of the VCLServer system.

Currently this manual is being readapted to change from VCLServer Ultra to VCLServer UltraCDN and the English translation is being done; you can read it in spanish by click on language buton. Sorry for the inconvenience.

VCLServer panel login
VCLServer panel login

☝ Index
  1. Conventions.
  2. What is VCLServer.
  3. Technical requirements.
  4. Installation.
  5. Configuration.
    User and password of VCLServer.
    Data base.
    CDN (Content Delivery Network).
    Web host.
    HTML interpretation.
  6. Usage.
    Basic concepts.
    Inclusion of VCLServer.
    Automatic file caching.
    Manual file caching.
    Modifing and deleting files with vclserver_delete().
    Performance and vclserver_delete().
    Buffer dump.
    Caching exceptions.
  7. CDN Map.
    Basic concepts.
    Map viewing in real time.
    Checking the location of the hostings.
  8. Caching rules.
  9. Checking for proper operation.
  10. Performance.
  11. Turning VCLServer on and off.
  12. Cacheable files.
  13. Cache modification.
  14. Usage of VCLServer in a cluster.
  15. Differences between versions.
  16. When to upgrade to VCLServer UltraCDN?.
  17. How to further increase performance.
    Decreasing files size.
    Compressing web pages.
    Browser cache usage.
  18. SEO.
  19. Reseting panel password.
  20. Problems and solutions.
  21. Known Errors.
  22. Technical support.
  23. Uninstalling.
  24. About this edition.
If you use VCLServer Express some of the features shown in this manual will not be available on your system and performance may be lower.
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