VCLServer UltraCDN: Ultra accelerate the web pages of your server.

VCLServer Ultra.

Multiplies by 300 the useful bandwidth of your server by reducing the needs of bandwidth and disk access to 99.67%.

Frequently Questions and Answers (FAQ).

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Currently this FAQ is being readapted to change from VCLServer Ultra to VCLServer UltraCDN and the translation is being done in English; You can read it in spanish by click on language buton. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What is VCLServer?
VCLServer is software that eliminates the bottlenecks caused by the bandwidth of the Internet connection and the data transfer speed of your server's hard drive.

Why does VCLServer make my server so fast?
VCLServer caches the content of your server so that it places it on external servers. Thus, when a user load your page, images, videos and other heavy files are displayed from the remote server, eliminating most of the local bandwidth usage and hard disk usage needs. By considerably reducing the bandwidth and disk usage needs your server will be able to serve many more requests and more quickly.

How is VCLServer used?
The use is really simple. After configuring it from the panel you just have to add the line <?php include_once ('vclserver.php'); ?> in your php files where you are going to use VCLServer and add the line <?php vclserver_stop(); ?> at the end. This will automatically cache the files. You will have the vclserver_delete() function that accepts a single parameter to remove the specified file from the cache and thus be reclaimed by collecting any updates. In addition you have other functions that you can find in the handbook.

How does VCLServer work?
VCLServer has a complex and fast code that makes the first time a file is uploaded to an external server. In this way, the next times the file is displayed from the external server and it will no longer be necessary to use the local bandwidth and disk, greatly improving performance.

Can I see an example of usage?
Of course. Here is a small example:

Original code:
 <!-- Shows a pic. -->
<img src="imagenes/img1.jpg">
 <!-- Shows a pic. -->
<img src="imagenes/img1.jpg">

Code with VCLServer:
 <?php include_once("vclserver.php"); ?>
<!-- Shows a pic. -->
<img src="imagenes/img1.jpg">
<?php vclserver_stop(); ?>
<img src="http://www.cache.com/www_mydomain_com/pics/img1.jpg">

Why I need VCLServer for my server?
The alternatives to be able to offer a versatile, powerful and professional web page are basically to use many interconnected computers sharing a high speed connection (this is called "Cluster") or to contract a service that has these equipment and connection and allows to be controlled remotely (called "Cloud"). Both solutions are expensive and very complex to use.

With VCLServer you have a new alternative that takes advantage of the local Internet connection eliminating the costs of a high-speed connection, eliminates the needs to use many computers interconnected reducing the cost of hardware and reducing electricity costs, avoid paying expensive monthly payments of cloud services and significantly reduces the difficulty of using them to really simple levels.

In addition, within the current competitive framework, the implementation of a CDN could put it above the competition, since the standard nodes based on physical nodes have limit of nodes while VCLServer UltraCDN has no limit and allows you to choose the closest hostings to the concentrations of users of its web pages avoiding to pay hostings in little used places.

Is VCLServer compatible with a single server?
Yes. VCLServer is in fact prepared to replace a cluster or a cloud with a single server improving it and reducing costs.

Is VCLServer compatible with a cluster?
Yes. When the cluster is required for various reasons, VCLServer can be installed on each of the servers, thus optimizing the use of local bandwidth and reducing disk access needs, this will increase the cluster's power.

Is VCLServer compatible with a cloud?
Yes, but we have not tried it. In principle VCLServer can be installed in a cloud service if the company owning the cloud allows it. This will mean that, if you have bandwidth or disk usage limitations, your cloud performance will also improves.

Do I need to hire a different hosting for each domain?
No. You can hire a hosting with no space limit and use it to cache the files of all the domains you need, even domains hosted on other servers.

Does VCLServer works even when there is no access to VCLServer servers?
Yes. VCLServer is completely autonomous software and only uses the VCLServer servers for maintenance services, revision of updates and similar tasks as the majority of any software.

Does VCLServer save my files somewhere other than the hosting I set up?
No. VCLServer does not use its own hosting to host the cached files, it only uses the hosting that you have contracted with the Internet service provider of your choice.

Does VCLServer modify my files or the file system?
No. VCLServer accesses the hard disk of your server only in read mode and exclusively for the time necessary for the files to be cached. Depending on your file system, the vclserver.php file may require write permissions to be able to save the settings.

How can I know what is the performance increase of my server with VCLServer?
From the VCLServer panel, on the home page, you can view performance estimates without VCLServer, VCLServer Ultra and VCLServer Express.

Does this page use VCLServer?
Yes, of course. We are very satisfied with the performance of VCLServer having exceeded even our own expectations, so for example this same page is using VCLServer UltraCDN.

To make things difficult for VCLServer UltraCDN and avoid perfect conditions that would not give a real assessment, this page is hosted under a rural WiMax connection of 1Mbps upload with a server connected by wifi to a home router. Even under these conditions performance is exceptional.

How does affect the use of VCLServer to SEO?
Very positively. By increasing the loading speed of your page the search engines will determine that your connection and your server has better quality, improving the positioning in the search engines.

What are the differences between VCLServer UltraCDN and VCLServer Express?
VCLServer UltraCDN includes a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that sends users the files from the closest hosting, significantly increasing the loading speed of the pages.

VCLServer UltraCDN has no limit on the size of cached files, with VCLServer Express can only cache files of a maximum size of 0KB.

In addition VCLServer UltraCDN has much less need to access the hard disk of its server, since it uses memcache reducing the use of databases.

There are other differences that can be found in the user manual.

Will I have to pay anything more to VCLServer after the purchase?
No. Except in cases where the possibility of payment by time is offered, the purchase of the rights of use of VCLServer is for life for the version that has bought. You probably should pay a small fee to the web hosting provider you use to cache the files. VCLServer does not depend on any hosting service provider and does not receive any money from them.

Is secure the payment of VCLServer UltraCDN?
Yes. The payment of VCLServer UltraCDN is made exclusively through account entry or bank transfer offering all the security that your own bank can offers to you.

How long will it take to have VCLServer UltraCDN after the purchase?
48h approximately if between the payment and the verification of the same there are no holidays or weekends, although usually is usually done well before. If you still do not receive the update after 72 hours you can contact us.

How do I receive the update to VCLServer UltraCDN?
Automatically. Once we verify the payment we will tell our systems that you have purchased VCLServer UltraCDN and an update will be sent to you. If you notice that it takes to update yourself you can force the update from the "Update" option of the panel.

Does VCLServer only offer software?
Yes. In either the paid version or the free version, what is offered is the right to use the software without adding any other right, service or additional product.

How was born VCLServer?
In 2013, with a telemarketer's salary that kept him on the threshold of poverty and in a state of increasing stress, the author decided to improve his situation by doing several web projects. But he had an economic budget of less than 10€ per month and had only a laptop and an ADSL Internet connection of 512Kbps upload. With these serious limitations he decided that the first project to be carried out should be one that solves three main obstacles: the slow Internet connection, the low budget and the absence of a cluster. Thus developed VCluster 1.0 (acronym of Virtual Cluster), the first non-commercial version of VCLServer.

During 2013-2014 the laptop was used for programming tasks and as a server simultaneously thanks to the VCLuster project. This allowed to develop other web projects under the same conditions and without any type of saturation.

In 2015 the author installs a new server with VCluster to separate programming tasks from server functions, leaves the telemarketer's post, moves his residence and the entire system to a rural area and hires a WiMax Internet connection from 1Mbps upload. There were already several web projects running, some of them even achieving 35,000 daily visits without any saturation, so the needs of a better connection to the Internet and a cluster/cloud had been completely solved, providing significant economic savings, even with rural connections.

In 2016, after three years of exceptional verified operation of the VCluster system, he was decided to develop a new version available to the public under the name of Virtual CLuster & CLoud (VCLServer 2.0) that offered ease of use so that anyone could take advantage of them without necessity of complex knowledge.

The launch of VCLServer UltraCDN, the third version of the software and the first truly marketable version with new advantages, is expected to take place in 2017, including the implementation of a high-performance and unlimited node-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) system with local performance improvements and at the same time makes users views the pages significantly faster. This provides even better SEO benefits to the current offering at reduced price to all current users of VCLServer Ultra 2.0.

This trial version, in its versions UltraCDN (payment) and Express (free), is currently being offered through this website that stays hosted under the same rural WiMax connection.

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