VCLServer UltraCDN: Ultra accelerate the web pages of your server.

VCLServer Ultra.

Multiplies by 300 the useful bandwidth of your server by reducing the needs of bandwidth and disk access to 99.67%.

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Web pages like streak with VCLServer UltraCDN.

Through the high-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) VCLServer UltraCDN manage unlimited number of hostings arround the world to offer to the user the files from the nearest place. This way, once you improve the performance of your server, providing a great user-side speed improvement that delivers a great experience.

Thanks to the ability to manage an unlimited number of VCLServer UltraCDN lodgings is the most powerful CDN today making loading your pages fast. This speed improvement is detected automatically by the search engines making their pages are assigned better positions so that it becomes an essential SEO tool within the current competitive framework.

In addition VCLServer UltraCDN does not require you to specify each of the files to cache from the PHP code, simply write at the beginning of your PHP scripts the following line:

<?php include_once("vclserver.php"); >

And then write at the end of your PHP scripts the following:

<?php vclserver_stop(); >

Usually PHP scripts contain the common data in a header file and a stand-alone file. If you include the first line at the beginning of your header file and the second line at the end of your footing file, Completely forget about VCLServer since you will be responsible for Of all automatically, making its use almost transparent to the developer.

And if you want, you can also disable automatic file caching and use vclserver() function to cache the files in an explicit way.

Some of its most remarkable features:

• Multiply by 300 the bandwidth of your server.
• Reduces the need for hard disk usage by 99.67%.
• The web pages become ultra fast.
• CDN without lithology facilities.
• It improves even more the positioning in the search engines.
• It saves more time and costs.
• Transparent for the user and for the developer.
• It is even easier to use.
• ...

So that no one is left without users who purchase VCLServer Ultra or some version of VCLServer UltraCDN tests during the year 2017 will be automatically updated to the definitive version of VCLServer UltraCDN without additional cost .

The discounts on the trial versions are impressive!

VCLServer UltraCDN beta. VCLServer UltraCDN Logo
Single payment of 995€*
70% discount for a limited time!

* Taxes included. Beta version (in tests) that can contains some errors or lacks, upgradeable to the definitive version without additional cost. Write to us for know special prices for more than one domain, NGOs, students, disadvantaged people, small or difficult companies...

Follow the steps below to acquire VCLServer UltraCDN beta:
  1. Install VCLServer Express.
  2. Go to http://mypage.com/vclserver.php by replacing mypage.com with your real domain.
  3. Click the Update option.
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